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19 December 2016

Can FMO3 be induced by Korean mushroom ?

FMO3 experts teach that (in general ?) FMO3 cannot be induced or inhibited.
This is despite 'redox' enzymes often being induced/inhibited by foods/drugs/compounds.
A good example is a grapefruit compound greatly inhibiting enzyme CYP3A4 (discovered by accident).
FMO3 is known to be inhibited by certain indoles mainly in cruciferous veg (Cashman et al).
Also menstruation hormones have been shown to inhibit FMO3 (Cashman et al).
But still, the teaching seems to be that FMO3 cannot be induced/inhibited.

One view could be that so little is known of FMO3 (and perhaps other redox enzymes, but perhaps FMO3 is less important) that perhaps FMO3 can be induced/inhibited by compounds in food/drink/drugs. We don't know.

Paper : Korean herbal mushroom induces FMO3 
In a research paper last week, the authors seem to think they have shown that FMO3 can be induced by a Asian mushroom commonly used by Korean Herbalists.

Korean paper (University of Seoul, Seoul, Korea):
Korean herbal mushroom induces FMO3 in mice in research paper.
mushroom : Phellinus baumii

Quote :
"PBE was responsible for the induction of Fmo2, Fmo3, and Fmo4 expression. PBE also accelerated the metabolic clearance of carbendazim in vivo and so could be applied to the detoxification of xenobiotics such as drugs, pesticides, and nicotine."

pubmed link to abstract

My own view of this :
It's a one-off paper, perhaps biased to Korean herbal compounds.
I won't be looking to buy the mushroom.
The more I try herbal compounds, the worse I feel.
I think FMO3 was thought to develop in the animal/plant warfare fight, as plants developed poisons, FMO3 was developed to metabolize these (could be wrong),

But, it raises the question again about FMO3 INDUCTION as a possible therapy.

My main thought on this paper :
The notion that FMO3 INDUCTION may be worth exploring as a possible FMO3/TMAU therapy. This would be to say boost function by say 10-20%.
FMO3 induction would probably only be any use to those with FMO3 weakness/deficiency.

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Anonymous said...

Phellinus linteus is very close in structure to phellinus baumii and is readily available in supplements here in the United States. A good company to start with is Mushroom Wisdom.

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