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11 December 2016

AIRE Breath Sensor for FODMAP

Foodsniffer (not the AIRE)
A start-up called FOODMARBLE is launching a breath sensor.
Called the AIRE Breath Sensor.
It is designed for the FODMAP diet.
Detects : HYDROGEN levels ?
Hydrogen is thought to be the main gas given off during gut fermentation.
Hydrogen is used as the gas tested for 'small intestine bacterial overgrowth'.

Possible interest to those with systemic body odor/halitosis :
The blog current view is that FMO3 enzyme may be the weakness for most type of SYSTEMIC BODY ODOR (SBO).
Many of the gases from gut fermentation are probably FMO3 substrates (e.g. certain sulfides/amines).
Many with 'fecal body odor' feel they have 'gut dysbiosis'.
Something like the AIRE may help them track their 'dysbiosis' via hydrogen level.

Initial thoughts about the AIRE :
It's version 1. With hindsight it may be regarded as not very good.
BUT, people with SBO will for the foreseeable future need 'sensors' (probably breath sensors).
If it worked, it may be of some use to track 'gut dysbiosis'.
The platform (device for phone, bluetooth etc) is ideal for the consumer. A SBO sensor will be probably the same (but detect different gases e.g. dimethylsulfide).
Great price ($99 intro price). At that price it's worth a gamble.
(note : I already bought the 'foodsniffer' and 'mint breathometer' (not arrived after 2 months), so will probably not be buying the AIRE soon).

AIRE Sensor website
Daily Mail (dec 16)
Press Release (dec 16)
Business Insider (may 16)

Systemic Body Odor needs a Consumer Sensor :
SBO will need it's own version(s) of a 'sensor'. Once it's known what gases act as biomarkers or to detect all the types of gases that cause SBO. A good 'suspect' would be 'dimethylsulfide'.
Currently such a sensor does not exist for systemic body odor.
Partly as the technology had not reached a decent level yet.
Also it seems sensor makers are only realising there was a consumer market for say 'halitosis' sensors, or hydrogen sensors. More because of start-ups getting in the market via crowdfunding.
with SBO, the person usually cannot smell themselves (my opinion, they are usually transient and the brain ignores it's own circulating smells).

One thing is for sure, SBO will need a sensor that detects SBO gases.
Currently we do not know what these gases are (apart from trimethylamine).
It's likely sulfides like dimethylsulfide will be suspects.

Fecal Body Odor :
Probably it's unknown exactly what gases make fecal smells.
Scientists will have a good idea of suspects, but papers are few and contradictory.
Perhaps for SBO, there may be a wide spectrum of sulfides/amines at any point, but perhaps a handful of 'big players' (e.g. dimethylsulfide) which could then act as 'biomarkers' for a sensor.

Possible 'big players' for Fecal Body Odor (guesses) : 

The SBO community will need their own 'sensor' as they are 'nose blind' to their own smells.
The tech (and makers will) has not been there for consumer sensors.
But over the last 2 years, both the tech and now we see the will, for consumer sensors is happening.
No sensor maker would currently probably invest in a 'SBO sensor', thinking there is no market.
But other sensors may longterm make the process cheaper.
Many with SBO feel they have 'gut dysbiosis', so a sensor like the AIRE may be worth a gamble.
Keep in mind for AIRE it's version 1 (i.e. early days).  

What SBO needs
1. To find out all (or at least the main) volatiles that cause SBO (exploratory tests).
2. From that info, a diagnostic test.
3. A Sensor(s)
4. A DNA test (probably being superceded by exome/genome tests which are mathing price of single gene tests).
5. Therapies/cures.

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Update Aug 17 :
Genos is back with it's EXOME test

Note :
Exome/Genome testing may be better option than single gene testing.

See this post : link

Note : Genos Exome Testing.

Exome testing is almost the same price now as single gene testing. Also Genos is consumer friendly, which standard DNA labs are not.

So the blog offer to test solely for FMO3 is almost obsolete, and so no longer offered.

Does Genos fully sequence FMO3 gene ?

At the moment it is not clear, but hoped this will become clear over the next few months

Note : possible 'wild west' way of testing FMO3
Use an ancestry dna site and rummage through the raw data

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