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10 July 2016

P&G TMA-blocker will be stronger than DMB

In a magazine article in April about the gut flora, this statement was made

"Hazen says DMB, the olive-oil molecule from his study, is too weak to put into a pill. He’s working on creating stronger inhibitors."

So it looks like something stronger than DMB will be used by the Cleveland Clinic for their 'TMA-blocking supplement' which will be marketed as an over-the-counter product sometime in the future by Proctor & Gamble.

Full article : Statnews April 2016

DMB : 3,3 di-methyl-1-butanol (wikipedia)
DMB is of interest to the TMAU community as it's been shown to block the formation of trimethylamine in the gut (of mice) by gut flora. It's naturally present in olive oil, balsamic vinegar etc.

TMA-oxide and atherosclerosis theory (wikipedia)
In 2011 Dr Hazen et al at the Cleveland Clinic put forward a theory that tma-oxide may be a factor (perhaps main factor) in the development of atherosclerosis. Since then the lab has been researching this and putting many papers forward to enforce this. In 2015 they said that DMB was an inhibitor of TMA in the gut of mice.

Quite often an approach in humans to damage is to find an 'inhibitor' which stops a damaging checmical reaction. in the 'TMA precursor (choline etc) -- TMA -- TMA-oxide' cycle of reactions, the aim is to block TMA formation. 'Inhibitors' or often refered to as Analogs, and in this case they found that DMB is an inhibitor of TMA formation (from choline etc).

Better inhibitor than DMB
So it seems they are looking at stronger inhibitors than DMB to put in the P&G 'supplement'. The final product will not be a 'DMB pill'. This is even better news I guess. A heart-disease expert recently reviewed the evidence on the 'TMAO- atherosclerosis' theory and estimated that perhaps 10-20g of DMB (in divided doses) would be needed to block TMA in the gut. But something better than DMB is even better.

Possible 'resistance' like antibiotics ?
One potential 'danger' pointed out is that the article seems to say that the DMB probably alters the gut flora composition, which might mean 'immune' bacteria then become dominant. Very much like antibiotic drug resistance. DMB is not lethal to gut flora like antibiotics, but nevertheless the same resistance may occur due to flora composition change.

Good news for Trimethylamiuria people
Obviously blocking TMA formation in the gut is great news for those with TMAU. First documented in 1970, up until this interest in 'TMAO-atherosclerosis' there has been almost no interest in TMA metabolism in humans. Now suddenly TMA metabolism in humans is of main interest in human health research.

My view (in terms of systemic body odor) :
A 'TMA-blocker' pill sold over-the-counter by Proctor & Gamble will definitely happen. Anyone who thinks trimethylamine is the sole cause of their systemic malodor should regard this as possible a very good therapy for 'TMAU'. But personally I feel TMA may not be the only volatile that causes what I call 'FMO3 smells', so I am a bit worried. But maybe TMA is a main factor (indirectly) and blocking TMA may relieve the pressure on FMO3 (for example). Anyhow, I will definitely be trying it and could be regarded a 'banker' hopeful therapy that will happen while we worry about other hopes.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps DMB could be added to an existing product--olive oil, or a multi-vitamin pill geared to heart health. I wonder it would be more stable in a form other than a pill. Surely a DMB-enriched olive oil would be a feasible product to manufacture and market.

Also, whatever food products Proctor&Gamble make would be obvious products to consider enriching with DMB.

sysbodyodor said...

I see your point.

Personally I am happy to wait for a pill that will be stronger than DMB. I guess over time 'tma-blockers' will probably be added to foods and supplements etc.

Unknown said...

are they already pills with dmb available ?

can anybody list them here if there is some out already

Unknown said...

are they any suppliments with dmb already available ?

what are they called please ?

sysbodyodor said...

dmb is a natural compound in things like extra virgin olive oil, red wine, balsamic vinegar. But it seems DMB is a weak compound to get the tma-block affect. they have stronger compound(s) that will be used in the P&G supplement.

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