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13 November 2014

Norwegian study about TMAO and heart failure

tmao heart disease
New paper by a group of Norwegian researchers
Study done on humans
Reinforces suggestion of connection between TMAO and Heart Diseasae
TMAO is oxidized trimethylamine
Will likely result in much more research into TMAO and trimethylamine
Might lead to a 'TMA-blocking' drug

A new research paper by a group of Norwegian researchers has reinforced the notion that trimethylamine-n-oxide may have a strong connecrion with heart disease. The researchers checked TMAO levels in patients with heart disease and healthy volunteers and assessed the outcomes. It seems they found a connection with TMAO and heart failure. One especially interesting thing about this study is that it a new group of researchers making the connection between TMAO and CVD, thus possibly reinforcing the connection the original research group made (Hazen et al) .

What does it mean for people with TMAU ?
It probably means there will be much funding and worldwide research into TMA/TMAO and possibly FMO3, and the aim will probably be to learn as much as possible about TMA/TMAO production in humans and FMO3 metabolism, and to produce cures such as a trimethylamine-formation blocking drug For anyone who thinks they have a malodor due to trimethylamine only, I guess it would mean a cure (no TMA would mean no smell ?)

My own opinion :
Personally my own current view is that I think most people with a metabolic malodor probably have 'FMO3 malodor', which means an odor from any FMO3 substrate produced in humans (including many sulfides and amines). So I am skeptical that preventing TMA production alone may be a 'cure' for 'FMO3 substrate malodor', but I hope I am wrong. They may also look at ways to alter the gut flora etc, as well as looking at FMO3 which up until this connection was neglected by research. So overall it's a very good thing for people with 'FMO3 malodors' and to anyone who thought they only had a malodor due to trimethylamine.


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