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19 March 2016

Hazen paper : TMAO CVD role found ?

Papers by Dr Hazen et al are of great interest to the Trimethylaminuria TMAU community as in 2011 the Hazen lab put forward the theory that TMA-oxide plays a role in CVD.

Since they are likely to look for way to reduce/block trimethylamine formation in the gut, this would have the dual purpose of also being a potential therapy for those with TMAU.

In this paper, they observed 4000 volunteers, so was a very big study.

Links :
Gut Microbial Metabolite TMAO Enhances Platelet Hyperreactivity and Thrombosis Risk
Hazen et al, Cleveland Clinic (March 2016)
Pubmed abstract
Science Daily article

My impression of the paper
It seems to me the conclusion is that TMA-oxide damages the blood vessels and then cholestorol etc set in at the damaged point, causing a build-up. Something like that (?).

Effect of paper on Trimethylaminuria future
It's good news for those who feel TMA is the only volatile they smell of, as this means the infinite funding for this research will continue as it is for heart disease. Already they plan on some sort of 'TMAO management' supplement to be sold by Protcor & Gamble in the future (date unknown).

more Hazen papers this year
As the TMAO-CVD theory is about a serious illness, we can expect perhaps 2 or more papers by the Hazen lab this year.

My view on systemic/metabolic body odor 
My own current view is that most with systemic body odor probably smell of the whole range of FMO3 substrates, which will be many sulfides and amines. Not just TMA. So while I am excited about the Hazen research, I am also wary that a 'therapy' for TMAU may not have the desired outcome for someone with 'FMO3 body door'. TMAU was 'documented' when researchers tested a patient solely for TMA in 1970. No other volatile has been tested for since.

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Anonymous said...

sysbodyodor said...

thanks. i will have a look at how they are removing tmao from their oil but maybe it won't translate to humans.

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