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10 March 2016

Meldonium, Sharapova, and TMAU

I have mentioned previously that the Latvian makers of the drug Meldonium have marketed it for the CVD market and suggested it may help interfere with TMA production in humans.

Now it seems the tennis player Maria Sharapova and many other athletes have been taking meldonium for years under the premise it helps athletic performance.

My thoughts on the Sharapova/Meldonium news story :
Meldonium is only on sale in Latvia and a few former USSR countries. It's never been available in USA
It's meant as some sort of heart disease drug
The makers say it should only be taken maybe 6 weeks at a time

In relation to reducing TMA for TMAU people (my thoughts)
The only papers on it perhaps reducing TMA formation in humans was by the makers recently
There doesn't look much evidence to me
It's a drug, so I'm very wary
It's not something I have contemplated using
As said above, it's not meant to be taken permenantly

So overall, it's not something I will be following up on. I don't think it's a good lead. I think most people with 'fecal body odor' in fact have problems with all FMO3 sulfides and amine substrates (and maybe phosphates), and not just TMA, so I'm not a big believer in reducing TMA alone anyway.

I'm hoping the publicity on meldonium may indirectly raise public awareness of TMAU, though it does not look like it. I'm assuming Sharapova does not have a smell problem :)  

Daily Mail : meldonium for 6 week use only (mar 16)
Daily Mail : many athletes use meldoium (mar 16)
Daily Mail : meldonium inventor opinion (mar 16)
Daily Mail : meldonium 'not doping' (mar 16)
Daily Mail : experts question meldonium use (mar 16)

pubmed paper : meldonium and trimethylamine
wikipedia : meldonium
Acronyms :
TMA : trimethylamine
TMAU : trimethylaminuria

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