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18 November 2012

What therapies/cures could there be for systemic fecal body odor ?

FMO3 malodor sydrome
This is a quick list of my idea of potential therapies/cures for fecal body odor (as they call it on the forums, probably this is the most distressing malodor but it seems to be an even wider spectrum of malodors that that). I am assuming the malodors are due to FMO3 deficiency/overload. I believe that TMAU only has a rotten fish smell, and the other malodors they mention are due to other FMO3 sunstrates (sulfides and amines).

Gene therapy : This would seem a potential 100% cure (?). The Western world has tread lightly with this therapy but now it seems to be speeding up into a reality. The first drug and research studies are being done in the West now.

Oral FMO3 supplementation : This has been suggested but I am not sure of the practicalities. FMO3 is normally present in a cell, unlike other enymes such as digestive enzymes. Whether there is a simple reason it could not be used, I do not know.

FMO3 probiotic : The idea here would be to take a probiotic that has lots of FMO3 which then can oxidize FMO3 substrates it meets in the gut. It wouldn't be a cure as such, but hopefully could reduce the load from the gut.

Block the production of FMO3 substrates : This would work for trimethylamine, but since I think manuy other FMO3 substrates are likely to cause the odors, I am not sure how big a difference it would make to block TMA. Worht a go though.

Probiotic therapy : I feel that often FMO3 malodor is a syndrome and will include gut dysbiosis as part of the syndrome, resulting in overload of the FMO3 enzyme. Whether any old probiotic could help, or whether it has to be taken as a certain probiotic, and perhaps taken as a suppository, I do not know. Fecal transplant therapy seems to be showing good results for C Difficle infection.

These are the main areas I think of when I think of therapies and cures. Hopefully there are many other possibilities. 


Anonymous said...

Why is it that persons experiencing the secretion of these odors can't smell the odors themselves?

Anonymous said...

If you wear the same perfume time and time again,your nose soon becomes accustomed to it that you can't smell the scent like you used to,same with people who have bad armpit odours,usually have to be told they have a problem by someone else

sysbodyodor said...

That's true. The olfactory receptors become saturated or accustomed I guess.

With metabolic malodors, my own opinion is that the brain ignores malodors circulating in the blood. This would be different from the above paragraph.

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