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8 March 2013

The Boy Who Smells Like Fish : TMAU awareness

The Boy Who Smells Like Fish premiere : pic by Maria
The Boy Who Smells Like Fish : Newly released movie where the main character has trimethylaminuria (TMAU)

This movie is probably the greatest opportunity ever to raise awareness of TMAU in particular, and the concept of metabolic malodors in general. At the moment it only seems to have a distribution deal in Mexico due to start 5th April, but hopefully it will get a deal especially in the USA too. It would have such an impact in raising awareness, especially since the movie probably appeals most to younger people.

So far it has had it's premiere in Miami and been shown at a Mexican festival. The general feedback so far seems to be that it is an ok/good movie.

Review of The Boy Who Smells Like Fish  (Screen Daily)  
IMBD page for The Boy Who Smells Like Fish

The Boy Who Smells Like Fish TRAILER from Miami Int'l Film Festival on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

Everyone is "aware" of maybe some will take the time to try to understand what it's like to exist, as social creatures", with this crushing condition.

We'll do anything for a "safe" place. The constant rejection and humiliation is far worse than anything.

My own family can't stand to be around me. One relative has to take xanax if he knows I'll be around him.

Being adopted and having no genetic history doesn't help either.

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