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26 October 2012

new paper confirms connection with PYROXD2 and trimethylamine metabolism

abstract : PYROXD2 and TMAU ?
Until recently, trimethylamine has generally only been associated with the FMO3 enzyme ; the FMO3 enzyme oxidizing trimethylamine to trimethylamine oxide. However a paper last year suggested that the enzyme PYROXD2 (pyridine nucleotide-disulphide oxidoreductase domain 2) may also be able to metabolize trimethylamine in humans. Presumably this may mean that deficiency of PYROXD2 enzyme may also cause TMAU in humans ?

2011 paper suggesting link between TMAU and PYROXD2 enzyme

Now it seems that more research has been done on this theory, and a new paper by researchers at the Nestle Reseach Center 'confirms' the PYROXD2 and TMAU connection
...Moreover, we report some of our recent GWAS results on a cohort of 265 individuals from an ethnically diverse population that validate and refine previous findings on gene-urine metabolism interactions. Specifically, our results confirm the effect of PYROXD2 polymorphisms on trimethylamine metabolism and suggest that a previously reported association of N-acetylated compounds with the ALMS1/NAT8 locus is driven by SNPs in the ALMS1 gene...
At the moment it cannot be said how this will affect a TMAU diagnosis. It seems that at this point it is not even known what PYROXD2 does.

Abstract for new PYROXD2 paper  


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At the moment it is not clear, but hoped this will become clear over the next few months

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