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25 June 2012

FMO3 overload : probably to blame for many odors ?

FMO3 enzyme is officially only accepted as being at fault for trimethylaminuria (TMAU) and currently only suggested as causing a 'fish odor' (fish odor syndrome). However experts do expect it to have potential issues with metabolizing drugs that produce substrates that are dealt with by FMO3 (in effect saying that those with FMO3 deficiency will likely have more compounds to be concerned about other than trimethylamine.)

Enzymes break compounds down or add something to them, either to 'activate' them or 'deactivate' them (i.e. detoxify). Most enzymes in humans deal with a limited amount of compounds and usually these compounds are produced internally.

However FMO3 deals with compounds of a certain structure that are commonly absorbed by humans from the environment (e.g. food, transdermally, through air). The compounds it deals with are also produced internally (e.g. biogenic amines). It is also regarded as a 'drug metabolizing enzyme' because it belongs to a group of enzymes that are known to be important in the metabolism of drugs. Ironcially this may be where most research on FMO3 occurs in the future, due to pharmaceutical companies not wanting people to have averse reactions to their patented drugs.

My own view is that in FMO3 overload trimethylamine is perhaps a 'small player' in the range of odorous compounds that overload people with a compromised FMO3 enzyme. This will be where sufferers will likely focus their attention due to the overwhelming shame. However to me it seems if there are any 'chronic fatigue' or 'environmental sensitivity' concerns, it may be due to FMO3 overload given it's mutlifunctional purpose. So if you also have a long-term 'feel lousy' disorder that has no name, it may be due to the toxicity occurring due to FMO3 deficiency or overload. FMO3 while a 'jack of all trades' does not seem to yet be shown to do anything 'vital' in humans, so any connction with 'feeling lousy' may be vague, and it does not seem to be associated with any acute disorder (not yet anyway).


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Update Aug 17 :
Genos is back with it's EXOME test

Note :
Exome/Genome testing may be better option than single gene testing.

See this post : link

Note : Genos Exome Testing.

Exome testing is almost the same price now as single gene testing. Also Genos is consumer friendly, which standard DNA labs are not.

So the blog offer to test solely for FMO3 is almost obsolete, and so no longer offered.

Does Genos fully sequence FMO3 gene ?

At the moment it is not clear, but hoped this will become clear over the next few months

Note : possible 'wild west' way of testing FMO3
Use an ancestry dna site and rummage through the raw data

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