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11 February 2018

P&G TMAO inhibit supp : blend of 2 formulas ?

Looking back at the patent someone kindly posted a while back, and reading closer, it seems the Proctor & Gamble TMA-interfering supplement being created for the TMAO-Heart Disease theory (which interferes with TMA formation in the gut),
it will be based on 2 blends of formulas (?) :

The patent says :
Edit, actually I am confused. Perhaps others can make sense of it.
I post it here for others to make sense.
Perhaps it's 3 formulas ?

As an example, one claim is :
The method of claim 1 further comprising contacting the bacterium with a second agent that is at least one of Omega 3 oil, salicylic acid, dimethylbutanol, garlic oil, olive oil, hill oil, Co enzyme Q-10, a probiotic, a prebiotic, dietary fiber, psyllium husk, bismuth salts, phytosterols, grape seed oil, green tea extract, vitamin D, an antioxidant, turmeric, curcumin, resveratrol, activated charcoal, or copper chlorophyllin.

From freepatentsonline site : link

I see DMB in there. some other well known TMAU 'therapy'(?) supps.

Patenting formulas :
It's been said that the new formulas are maybe 20x or more stronger than DMB on it's own.
I guess another question is that you can patent a formula, but not one single compound.

Anyhow, this needs more investigation.
Still no sign of the supplement.

P&G / Cleveland Clinic TMA-reducing supplement.
Will interfere with cleavage of TMA from precursors like choline.
DMB seems to be similar structure to Choline, but the bacteria can't cleave it to TMA as good.
Supplement is for the Heart Disease market.
Will be available over-the-counter.
No sign of it being available this year, or maybe even 2019.

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Anonymous said...

The good news is that most of us with TMAU looking for solutions will have many of these ingredients already in their arsenals. All we need to do is buy the rest of them, order the DMB from Dermetel, and turn our kitchens into experimental mini-labs mixing up these ingredients (in minute amounts) in different proportions until we find the most effective one.

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