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1 September 2015

First TMA-oxide therapy product soon

A TMA-oxide 'over the counter' therapy product will be available soon. Intended for the CVD market, there is a chance it may help 'IN THEORY' with TMAU too. We will need to wait and see.

In 2011 TMA-oxide was put forward by Hazen et al at the Cleveland Clinic as a possible main biomarker and cause of atherosclerosis. TMA-oxide in humans is the odorless final product of TMA metabolism in humans.

TMA > oxidized to TMAO

A main source of TMA in humans is from the breakdown of choline/lecithin
Choline/lecithin > TMA > TMAO

Cleveland HeartLab press release : link

Cincinatti newspaper link

Cleveland Clinic article : TMAO and gut
A press release was issued on 20 Aug by Cleveland Heartlab. They plan to start a TMAO test for the CVD market by December.

TMA-oxide therapy product (over-the-counter)
Of interest to the TMAU community is that they also have an agreement with Proctor & Gamble to release an over-the-counter product that will "help people manage their TMAO levels".

What is it ?
At this point they do not say. It could be anything from a choline > TMA enzyme blocker, to a branded chlorophyll product ? Since it's OTC, I would keep my expectations it will help with TMAU on the low side. P&G have many retail product brands such as Vicks, Metamucil, Pepto-bismal, which I consider not likely to have much affect, I think we should keep TMAU hopes on the low side. But who knows. It might even be something the TMAU community already are advised to use as a TMAU protocol, like chlorophyll.

But I am guessing work might be happening on a Choline > TMA enzyme blocker which would be good

My thoughts :
As I often say, I think most people with systemic BO have 'FMO3 BO', meaning they can smell of many sulfides and amines. I suspect TMA may be a 'small player' of a range of sulfides and amines, so even if this product reduced TMA, I am not sure it may help many of us. I hope I am wrong. It's great there is now so much interest around TMA/TMAO and FMO3 due to a proposed CVD connection (which I am not sure is correct yet). Hopefully more therapies to come, especially from Cleveland HeartLab.

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Anonymous said...

When I first heard the news of a new product being introduced by P&G I was very excited, but I agree with you that we shouldn't get our hopes up especially as it is an over the counter product which leads me to believe it won't be something which affects our bodies in a huge way or it would probably need to be obtained from a doctor.

sysbodyodor said...

Yes P&G do not seem to make drugs. They seem to be a food and household grocery company. I see they make 'Fiber bars' as a health item. I think we should keep expectations pretty low. It could be something like a patented chlorophyll mix.

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