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15 September 2012

TMAU/FMO3 Webinar 23 september 2pm EST : Professors Shephard & Phillips

Sunday 23rd September at 7pm UK time (2pm EST ... check your timezone)

Trimethylaminuria/FMO3 webinar with guest speakers :
Professor Elizabeth Shephard & Professor Ian Phillips

(veteran researchers of FMO3 enzyme and trimethylaminuria)
Hosted by : Rob Pleticha of Eurordis and

To take place in the webinar room (flashplayer needed) :

TMAU/FMO3 webinar 23rd Sept : will you attend ?

This is the 2nd of a series of webinars which are a joint initiative betweeen and TMAU advocates from the TMAU community. The webinar host and platform provider is Rob Pleticha, online patient communities manager of

This webinar :
Professor Shephard and Phillips have a long interest in TMAU and FMO3 enzyme. They are based in London universities and their work and research is based around the 2 groups of enzymes ; the cytochrome P450 enzymes and the FMO enzymes. Since FMO3 is one of the FMO group of enzymes, they have a natural interest in TMAU and have written research papers on FMO3 and TMAU . For this webinar they will provide a presentation on TMAU and FMO3 and will afterwards take questions from the audience.

About Professor Shephard :
Professor of molecular biology. Based in University College, London.
Link to university page of Professor Shephard

About Professor Phillips :
Professor of molecular biology at Queen Mary University, London
Link to university page for Professor Phillips

About Rob Pleticha and :

About the webinar room :
The webinar room is an Adobe Connect meeting room licensed to Eurordis. Enter as a Guest, no password required. It can hold up to 50 people at anytime. This means only 50 places are available at anytime. If you can watch youtube videos then you likely have the capability to access the room. You do not need to use your own name and do not need to participate (i.e. just be part of the audience). You do not need a camera or mic to be part of the audience. The audience may be able to ask questions at the end via the chat box or by possibly by audio. The webinar will be recorded and made public to view afterwards.

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Note : The speakers are appearing under the premise the webinar will be solely about TMAU and FMO3 enzyme.

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FMO3 DNA testing
Update Aug 17 :
Genos is back with it's EXOME test

Note :
Exome/Genome testing may be better option than single gene testing.

See this post : link

Note : Genos Exome Testing.

Exome testing is almost the same price now as single gene testing. Also Genos is consumer friendly, which standard DNA labs are not.

So the blog offer to test solely for FMO3 is almost obsolete, and so no longer offered.

Does Genos fully sequence FMO3 gene ?

At the moment it is not clear, but hoped this will become clear over the next few months

Note : possible 'wild west' way of testing FMO3
Use an ancestry dna site and rummage through the raw data

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