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30 July 2016

Paper : firmicutes produce more TMA than bacteroides

New paper :
The aim seems to be to see how trimethylamine precursors (choline in foods etc) affect TMA-oxide levels in a group of healthy young men. The conclusion seems to be that those with a higher ratio of Firmicutes / Bacteroide gut bacteria generate more trimethylamine from precursors.    

The paper was done with the 2011 Hazen et al TMA-oxide - Heart Disease theory in mind, which links TMA-oxide with blood vessel damage.

Research paper :
Trimethylamine-N-oxide (TMAO) response to animal source foods varies among healthy young men and is influenced by their gut microbiota composition: a randomized controlled trial
Cornell University

What's this to do with systemic body odor ?
My own current opinion is that most cases of systemic/metabolic body odor are probably to do with FMO3 enzyme and it's substrates. Most cases are probably an FMO3 weakness that means overload of FMO3 substrates at any time. The volatiles produced by gut bacteria are probably often FMO3 substrates. Currently the only volatile accepted as causing systemic/metabolic body odor is trimethylamine. With the interest in TMA-oxide since 2011, it's likely a TMA blocker will be a therapy. 

My opinion :
My 2 main points are :

1. This seems to be a one-off research paper. From a lab with no previous history on TMA-oxide. Cornell is greatly respected but I don't know how significant or accepted the result will be.

2. I feel there is too little known about the gut flora overall. Both in knowledge and in testing. So for me I can take or leave the info. It may someday prove to be important, but for now I don't know.

My Ubiome stool DNA results :
Previously I wrote how my Ubiome Stool DNA result was lower than average in firmicutes. For now I wouldn't take this as my norm. As I say, I think not enough is known about the gut flora for me to think anything. So I won't be making any changes due to this result. I'm waiting for the Procter & Gamble TMA-blocker to come to market.

Summary :
It's too speculative for me to make any conclusions from this at the moment. I will keep a lookout though.

Other Links :
Cornell in-house article on TMAO (4Aug16)

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Genos is back with it's EXOME test

Note :
Exome/Genome testing may be better option than single gene testing.

See this post : link

Note : Genos Exome Testing.

Exome testing is almost the same price now as single gene testing. Also Genos is consumer friendly, which standard DNA labs are not.

So the blog offer to test solely for FMO3 is almost obsolete, and so no longer offered.

Does Genos fully sequence FMO3 gene ?

At the moment it is not clear, but hoped this will become clear over the next few months

Note : possible 'wild west' way of testing FMO3
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